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Yachts in focus


Our Service

From the creation of survey reports to the management of major losses to the consequences of a natural catastrophe – the teams at MCS provide the necessary know-how and arrange the necessary measures worldwide. MCS is at your side from the very beginning.

First Class Service

Insurers, brokers and banks have placed their trust in the teams at MCS for many years already.

Worldwide Network

MCS maintains a worldwide network and maintains contact with shipyards, designers, service and repair companies as well as authorities.

An overall approach

From a claim survey to the entire claims management process – you can count on MCS.

Spring Check

Impossible, there is no such thing!

Due to the current situation, MCS Marine Claims Service has expanded its range of services and now offers owners the opportunity to keep an eye on their boat despite port access prohibition.

Those who are not allowed to enter the harbour for the time being to check that everything is in order can now contact the experienced specialists of MCS. MCS as a surveyor's office has the possibility to enter most ports and therefore offers owners the opportunity to visit their boats on land or already in the water and to inspect them - at least from the outside - for damage or defects or simply to check that everything is in order.

The offer currently covers ports along the Mediterranean  coast. Through our Croatian branch, we can offer the service in all ports of Istria. However, if there is sufficient demand, the offer could be extended to any ports and areas. The same applies to the scope of service, which can be determined individually. Thus, the boat can be subjected to a coordinated check on request. In preparation for the season, MCS contacts the shipyard and service companies and carries out regular inspections, if desired. Owners receive photos and short reports by email.

Are you interested? Then simply send us your request by email to info@mcs-germany.com. The service is not damage-related; you can also contact MCS at any time without any concrete suspicion of damage.




Our MCS experts

Yachts in focus
You can count on MCS
Since 1992

such as insurers, brokers and banks have placed their trust in the experienced teams at MCS.

Over 2,200

have been recovered with the help of MCS.

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MCS is ready for action with equipment and personnel within the shortest amount of time.