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It was just there yesterday...! That is how the story of a boat theft often starts. More than 10,000 boats and yachts are reported stolen each year in Europe alone. Yet it is not just entire boats but also engines, engine parts, equipment and trailers that are among attractive targets of theft.

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Worldwide Network

With a tightly connected worldwide network of contacts, MCS is capable of searching for the stolen property in the shortest amount of time.


High Success Rate

Thanks to ever more efficient search methods, over 2,200 boats and yachts have been recovered with the help of MCS.


MCS maintains an extensive up-to-date list of stolen boats and yachts on the Internet at

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Since 1992

such as insurers, brokers and banks have placed their trust in the experienced teams at MCS.

Over 2,200

have been recovered with the help of MCS.

365 days
a year

MCS is ready for action with equipment and personnel within the shortest amount of time.