MCS Boatfinder

Unlike a normal active GPS tracker, the MCS Boatfinder is a small and passive device that is independent from the on-board power supply and only becomes active after the theft has occurred. Learn about the new generation of the MCS Boatfinder.

How it work's


Innovative Technology

Thanks to innovative technology, you can equip your boot, your yacht or even simply an engine with a non-detectable device that enables itself to be located when activated. Stolen property can thereby be found and returned in case of theft.


Effective Design

Sturdy, waterproof, available in various sizes and with a battery life of several years, the Boatfinder guarantees long-lasting security without requiring any special installation.


Reliable Locating

The sophisticated technology enables reliable and precise locating of the property even under difficult conditions (e.g. inside buildings, containers or underground garages).


Automatic Alarm Function

The alarm centre will be automatically informed if the MCS Boatfinder travels outside of the limits of an area defined by you.


MCS handles Coordination

If you request it, not only will you and the alarm centre be notified but also MCS Marine Claims Service. Should the alarm be confirmed, MCS will handle the coordination and will inform you of all further steps that are necessary.


Worldwide Network

With a tightly connected worldwide network of extensive contacts to public authorities, MCS is capable of initiating all measures for the rapid recover of the vessel once it has been located.

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