In addition to the legitimate interests of the owner and the insurer, it is often simply the orders of public authorities that require the immediate salvage of the yacht. Many salvage companies are predominantly specialised in the salvage of commercial vessels and their cargo. There are only a few specialists for the salvage of yachts.

MCS offers

Ready 24/7

The MCS teams are ready with equipment and personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Salvage equipment

MCS has extensive special equipment for the salvaging of boats and yachts of any size that is always kept ready for use in order to be able to act worldwide.

Return transport and conveyance

If repairs cannot be performed on site then MCS will handle the arranging of transports and conveyances of the boats and yachts.

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You can count on MCS
Since 1992

such as insurers, brokers and banks have placed their trust in the experienced teams at MCS.

Over 2,200

have been recovered with the help of MCS.

365 days
a year

MCS is ready for action with equipment and personnel within the shortest amount of time.